When I was younger, I wanted to be out, with my friends exploring and creating memories. I disliked being inside all day and would rather be outside experiencing the world. I wanted to adventure about and accomplish something new every day. What sparked my love for creativity was the ability to meet new people and create something notable. 

As my sophomore year started, I took my first photography class working with film cameras, processing in the darkroom, and studying influential photographers. Photography became the outlet and my excuse to explore and capture the world around me. I knew from then on I wanted to be a photographer. I did not want to grow up having a mundane job, but a career I was passionate about. The life of creating something new every day and a chance to meet new people along the way drove my passion and purpose even further. 

I am a professional photographer who enjoys all facets of photography. I create high-quality work for clients focused on commercial and lifestyle photography. I have worked with and managed teams to produce images used for product packaging, in-store signage, social media content, direct to consumer ads, and website branding. I enjoy balancing the technical aspect of photography with the creative thought and energy of lifestyle. Through my work, I combine my knowledge of lighting and my understanding of fine art to be innovative when working with product. My ultimate goal is to develop lifestyle imagery that piques viewer interest and fosters inspiration.

After graduating in 2016 from California State University Sacramento, with a Bachelors Degree in Photography, I moved back into California’s Central Valley where I worked with clients from the Los Angeles area through the Central Valley. My work has been featured in national retailers (e.g., Kohl’s, Ulta Beauty, Target, Walmart, Michaels, Joann Fabrics and Crafts, and Home Depot) and have appeared on various social media outlets such as Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Brands: Tattoo Junkee, Remi Rose, Lique Cosmetics, Funkee Monkee, Summer Hawk Ranch, Duncan Ceramics, Color Me Mine, Aleene’s, Tulip, Colorshot Spray Paint